Project Information

By implementing the e-FLIP project we aim to develop and to implement a flipped classroom-based education model (e-FLIP Teaching Model) and a teacher training module (e -FLIP Teacher Training Module) embedded in an e-platform for VET teachers and teacher candidates in order to develop their pedagogical digital competencies. We plan the e-FLIP teacher Training Module to incorporate four basic components: i. Lesson planning and preparation by implementation of e-FLIP Model based on flipped classroom approach. ii. Guiding principles for developing teaching/learning activities in digital environments. iii. Tools for developing teaching materials compatible with digital learning environments and guiding principles for an effective utilization of such materials. iv. Use of assessment and evaluation tools and guiding principles for an effective use of these tools. Within this framework, the project intends to support digital pedagogical readiness in school education in two main aspects: (1) e-FLIP Teaching Model aims to support and improve VET teachers’ and teacher candidates’ digital pedagogical readiness. (2) e-FLIP Teacher Training Module (proposed at the end of the project) allows VET teachers to be effective users of the e- FLIP teaching model and digital tools so that all the students, including disadvantaged ones, can benefit from online education and training services in the most efficient way. The e-FLIP project supports digital transformation plans at all levels of education and training through cooperation. It supports digital pedagogy and expertise in the use of digital tools for teachers (European Commission, Education and Training, Resetting education and training for the digital age, 2020).

Project aims to achieve the following

– to enhance existing skills and to develop new one relevant to online teaching skills and coaching skills, digital skills of the participants,

– to produce innovative teaching model (e-FLIP) effective in qualified online education which may supply the educational needs of students including disadvantaged ones (non-native speakers, immigrants, slow-learners etc.),

– to produce teacher training module (e-FLIP Teacher Training Module) embedded in an e-platform,

– to adapt e-FLIP teacher training module to teacher education curricula in order to equip prospective teachers (teacher candidates in their final year of education) with necessary competencies for online teaching,

– to produce an e-book about flipped teaching model, its components and digital tools with sample practices including the inclusive ones.

 The e-FLIP project aims are coherent with the priorities such as “Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness,
resilience and 
capacity” and “Supporting teachers, school leaders and other teaching professions””by:

– supporting digital transformation plans,

– producing innovative teaching and training modules,

– adaptation of flipped classroom approach to the online teaching, 

– strengthening the digital skills of VET teachers and teacher candidates by adaptation digital tools into the school curricula.

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